Saturday, February 10, 2007

Why This Blog Disappeared

I deleted this blog yesterday because I was just about fed up with all the negative attention I’ve been getting from certain quarters. When I presented Match of the Day for ten years without a break, I didn’t half as much stick as I’m getting from writing this website. In the last week, I’ve been accused of everything except being the country’s most widely read blogger. I can’t help it if people want to come here and enjoy reading about the scandalous goings on inside English football.

So, I want you to listen here, chaps. When Tottenham Hotspur beat Leicester City 2-0 in the 1961 FA Cup semi-final, there was nobody around to defend them against accusations of putting eleven men behind the ball. I was in the stands watching the match and I turned to my old friend Bobby ‘Nobby’ Gobbling and told him to clear off if he was going to support that kind of negative play.

And I’m here to make the same defence.

If you don’t like what I do them just clear naffing off, will you!

Give the rest of us a chance.

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