Sunday, February 18, 2007

Des Lynam R.I.P., the Tash Lives

The showdown has led to a gracious climb down. Des Lynam’s bicycle visit to The Tash has convinced him that the poor chap had suffered enough. The Tash’s blog lives on and it is still a homage to Des Lynam.

To my less regular readers, the whole thing came to a head the other day when The Tash looked out of his living room window and saw the real Des Lynam riding up the path on his bike.

He couldn’t believe it was Des Lynam at first and wondered if he’s acquired a stalker that looked like Des Lynam. It turned out that it really was Des Lynam who had come to have it out with The Tash.

The Tash wants to make it clear that he’s always been a fan of the real Des Lynam and his moustache and in order to bring peace, he’s agreed to stop calling himself Des Lynam and call himself The Tash. The real Des Lynam can carry on using his real name with no danger of confusion. I suppose The Tash can now expect to get bloody legal notices from Des's moustache!

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