Monday, February 19, 2007

Blair Doesn't Care

Now look here, chaps. Tony Blair must learn to listen to us. It’s no good asking for our advice and then not heeding it. He reminds me of the late great George Best who always thought he was right. But Blair is no Best, let me tell you that one straight.

Blair wants to tell us that we’re all wrong to vote against the government’s road pricing proposals. Best always used to try that trick. I remember I’d often see him trying those neat little backheels during his Man Utd days and when they didn’t work, he wouldn’t admit he should have tried something easier.

Blair’s not interested in what we think anymore than George thought that a TV pundit might know something more about football. Blair just wants us to admire how he can backheel the ball and as I would have told Besty, playing for UK United is about teamwork. And there are 60 million other players on the pitch.


Hazel said...

1 and a half nil to the boys in green

guanoforks said...

Indeed. Just like the 1954 FA Cup quarter final between Lincoln City and Leeds United.

Anonymous said...

i wondered what sort of effluent would come out you mouth

the digger has something big so i kept my socks on (yellow with black trim circa 1987/8)

does he dig for us or for them?